Thursday, November 4, 2010

Engagement photos

I just got our engagement photos back and I am so happy with the results! I didn't plan to get engagement photos but we lucked out with an incredible photographer who included them in his packages, which by the way, are very affordable.

I have to stop here and highly recommend our photographers, Alex and Natalia. They're both talented, professional and very friendly. I have seen too many wedding photographers who either have no idea what they're doing or are rather demanding and difficult. We are fortunate to have photographers who have become friends in the short time we've known them. Isn't that how you dream everyone you work with would be? 

I've tried to stay away from being too personal on this blog but I love these photos so much that I had to share my favorites! All photo credits go to Alex and Natalia of Fedorov Foto.

We're getting married in 7 months! :)


  1. Thanks Judy :)!!!
    Let the countdown begin to when we see you guys again at the wedding...Yay!

  2. Sweet shots, love the ones featuring Genos, haha!