Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips on renting

Some tips on renting things. Price everything you'll need from every rental company in the area. Research will help you determine a good price and it will help get to know each company. It's time consuming but that's the trade for a less expensive wedding. 

Pick the company you like the most. I chose a company based on their reputation and reliability. They were not the cheapest option but they weren't far off the other estimates. 

Once you've decided on company A, call to ask some questions and reserve, but before booking, tell them that you met with other companies in the area and that company A is your preferred vendor but that their prices were a little high compared to others and tell them that you need the best price possible in these areas. Chances are, they'll work with you. The company I'm working with, matched every price of their competitors and gave us 5% off the main rentals (tent, tables, chairs, dance floor) and 10% off the table setting rentals (dishes, silverware, glasses, etc.). In total, they came in at about $500 less than the others and we're getting some free upgrades, like a bar table as well.

Why did they give us such a break? Because they want your business and I made it clear that I had options and had done my homework on what everything costs. Don't forget that you're getting ready to spend a lot of money and which gives you power to negotiate. 

Finally, remember the key to making these deals--be polite and ask for help, appeal to them so that they want to help you. At a minimum, don't present your point in a way that puts them on the defensive.

Good luck on getting some deals!

Great tips to punch a party up a notch

Check out these 6 tips to "take your party to the next level" by Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day.

Trust your vendors

Photo via Tres Sugar.

I'm so relaxed about wedding plans. As it nears, I'm less concerned about details and it's rather shocking because I thought I'd be more stressed as we get closer to the date. A couple reasons for my relaxation:

1.) I'm incredibly excited to get married
2.) All of the major details are covered: Church, Reception, rentals, music, food, dress, etc. 
3.) I'm very happy with the decisions I've made
4.) I trust all my vendors

If you're planning a wedding, hire people you trust. A big part of my relief is from not worrying about whether the cake will show up or if the caterer is reliable or if the photographer is any good. In our case, we have a lot of family and friends involved so it's easy to trust. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter bloom

If you're planning a winter wedding then this large bloom is the accessory for you. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black, white and palest yellow

I was recently reminded how much I love this color combination and after a little searching I found this beautiful Inspiration board by Snippet & Ink.

Vintage bits of lovely

There's nothing like a little collection of vintage stamps to brighten an envelope. You can find them on ebay but if you're looking for a particular theme or color then try The Paper Nickel Stamp

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The going, going, gown event

Up to 60% off J.Crew wedding gowns until Thursday. They have some great dresses for deal! Check it out.

Chalk art

This chalkboard art is courtesy of the the very talented Dana Tanamachi. I just came across this profile of her work at 100 Layer Cake and I just LOVE it. See more of her work at her website here.

Just because

Love this vintage sequin collection photo. 

Floral cluster centerpieces

I just came across this centerpiece cluster project. How sweet are these? They took glass votive candle holders and covered them then filled them with a few blooms. It creates a lush look for less. Get the details and Project Wedding

Oh, the color and pattern possibilities are endless.

Fake flowers never looked this good

Attention flower lovers! I've found a lovely fake flower. This large but delicate fabric bloom from Petals and Prints is really stunning! It's a little pricey but it would be a beautiful keepsake and just imagine this in a bright color. 

Road trip

A roadtrip honeymoon is the ultimate budget friendly option. You get the experience of exploring and the excitement of new places but without the cost of flights and other associated expenses. I love the open road, singing in the car and stopping in little towns to explore so this is perfect for us. We're planning to hike, picnic, bike, visit a few famous sites and lay on the beach. We chose our route and picked up other helpful hits at Road Trip USA.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just discovered this video guest book program by Thrilled for you over at Snippet and Ink. Here's a little video to see how it works but I love this idea for a guestbook! It's only $99 which isn't bad for a program that can be used again. It also gives people a chance to leave a message rather than just sign their names and there's no paper or cheesy white books involved. 

Planning status

Everything is coming together and I just can't wait to get married! I've been delinquent lately because life has been so busy.

New shoes

DSW launched a wedding shoe shop. There's a good range of style, color and price. Check it out here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Black belt

in wedding fashion. This would be a fun addition, perhaps post-ceremony. Ideal if you're interested in a feminine black accessory to match your groom in his black tux. You can purchase Here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A lazy girls guide to DIY. A Practical wedding is currently running a series of DIY projects that are worthwhile projects and still reasonable. I limped through most of my projects surviving only with the help of my grandmother (a DIY goddess). If you're looking for some practical ideas then check out this series over at A Practical Wedding

Monday, January 3, 2011


NOW is the time to shop for light strands, also known as Christmas lights and twinkle lights. They're all at least half-off right now. It would cost us $1 a foot to rent them and our tent would require at least 200 feet. So last week I went hunting and purchased our lights at half-off retail, a total cost of $66. Two days later I returned them all because I scored an even better deal at a thrift store where all Christmas items were 75% off. 

I managed to collect more than twice the amount we needed, 440 feet, for just $5.50. Go to thrift stores right after Christmas for lights. Just make sure you test them before purchasing to make sure they work.