Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips on renting

Some tips on renting things. Price everything you'll need from every rental company in the area. Research will help you determine a good price and it will help get to know each company. It's time consuming but that's the trade for a less expensive wedding. 

Pick the company you like the most. I chose a company based on their reputation and reliability. They were not the cheapest option but they weren't far off the other estimates. 

Once you've decided on company A, call to ask some questions and reserve, but before booking, tell them that you met with other companies in the area and that company A is your preferred vendor but that their prices were a little high compared to others and tell them that you need the best price possible in these areas. Chances are, they'll work with you. The company I'm working with, matched every price of their competitors and gave us 5% off the main rentals (tent, tables, chairs, dance floor) and 10% off the table setting rentals (dishes, silverware, glasses, etc.). In total, they came in at about $500 less than the others and we're getting some free upgrades, like a bar table as well.

Why did they give us such a break? Because they want your business and I made it clear that I had options and had done my homework on what everything costs. Don't forget that you're getting ready to spend a lot of money and which gives you power to negotiate. 

Finally, remember the key to making these deals--be polite and ask for help, appeal to them so that they want to help you. At a minimum, don't present your point in a way that puts them on the defensive.

Good luck on getting some deals!

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  1. i love that brown kraft paper runner. what a pretty way to dress up the table!