Saturday, May 29, 2010

A dignified wedding

Miss Manners' Guide To A Surprisingly Dignified Wedding is a must read before you start, or early into, planning a wedding. I'd like to think that I wouldn't have been lured by the wedding industry's siren call of "it's all about you" and "you must have that" but I, like so many other brides-to-be would likely have fallen prey.

This book will make you think about your priorities in a reasonable way. First, it dashes the wedding industry lies and challenge you to consider your fiance' and guests as priority over dress and venue. Second, its a reminder, and in some cases an introduction to wedding etiquette.

Glad I read it pre-engagement because my defenses were down.

I'll admit that some of her recommendations like not including RSVP cards or not having a registry are a little hard to swallow and I'm not sure I'll adhere to everything but I'm certainly going to try. I want to practice proper etiquette and I do love that vintage romance.

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