Monday, May 31, 2010

Setting a date.

Is choosing the wedding date a difficult thing for most couples?

My fiance' and I are having a really difficult time picking a date. To begin with, he's in graduate school in another state, so we're working around long-distance and a school schedule.

We're looking at January and May. I'd rather get married as soon as possible. January would be nice for that reason, plus everything is less expensive. But then we'd have to worry about bad weather, its not ideal for pictures and it'd be right in the middle of his first year. On top of all that, we wouldn't have much time for a honeymoon and I'm less than thrilled at the idea of moving in the middle of winter. May would be beautiful- it's a more pleasant time of year for our family and friends to travel. The downside? The wait and the expenses that come when you choose a date in peak wedding season.

I just loathe the idea of living apart for an entire year. Any advice?

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