Saturday, May 29, 2010

Planning within the budget.

I took a personal finance class last fall to improve my scant knowledge on the topic. I will NOT go into debt for a wedding. I want to have a beautiful wedding but it’s going to have to happen within my budget. Time to get creative, because I’d like to have dinner and music for 250 guests on $10,000. Pre-engagement I thought that was a lot of money. Then I learned what catering cost, what a cake costs, what renting a tent will run you, etc. And I freaked out.

But then I realized, so what? I’m marrying a great guy. Furthermore, I’m creative and a good negotiator and I don't think this day must be perfect or that its all about me. I will have to adapt my initial plans. Maybe a lunch reception instead of dinner, maybe signature alcohol bar instead of full bar, maybe more DIY projects but overall, it will be fine and I can do this. In fact, I’m rising to the challenge. How much can I do for $10,000? We shall see.

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