Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gifts for the Groomsmen

Picture and more ideas from ehow

My fiance' will pick his own groomsmen gifts however I can certainly provide him with some good ideas. 

Buy it on Etsy. 
A dapper spring gift. 

Just plain fun.

A classic gift.

A stylish gift box

Photo via Sarah K Chen

I love the gift bag idea. It's budget friendly and easy to personalize. 

Consider other guy favorites that might appeal to your bridal party like a leatherman, a nice bottle of wine, box of steaks, grill kit, baseball cap of a favorite team, tickets to a sporting event, bow tie, cigars and personalized humidor, a book signed by the author, a six-pack and a key-chain bottle opener, coupon book, chess set, Risk board game, gift certificate to an upscale barber shop, or a local farm share.


  1. We love those ideas and also love your site...we're an official follower :)

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