Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have your cake... and ice cream too

                                         Photo by Restaurant Window
I love cake but cake with ice cream makes it ten times better! I've been to receptions where the couple have rented Ben and Jerry ice cream carts for their guests but I'm interested in something more local. Here is my local dairy/creamery, Woodside Farm Creamery:

Not only would I be supporting a local business but the ice cream is delicious.  Consider serving ice cream from a local creamery with your cake. Woodside Creamery is famous for its ice cream made from Jersey cow milk (the majority of U.S. milk products are made from Holstein milk). Jane and Michael Sterns from Gourmet Magazine said it was the best ice cream they've ever had, high praise indeed.

I even considered it as a possible reception site- how's that for "off the beaten path"?

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