Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Queen of Hearts: Do you play croquet?, Alice: Why, yes, your majesty, Queen: Well let the games begin!

If you're having an outdoor wedding how about having some lawn games set-up for guests to enjoy. This is a much less expensive alternative to a DJ and dancing but lawn games are pretty cheap so you could have both. Consider these three popular games:

Croquet. I have some friends who jazz the game up by playing the "poison death match" version of croquet. Rules can be found here.

Bocce Ball is another classic lawn game popular in Italian communities. Rules can be found here.

Cornhole is a favorite mid-western game that's easy to play and fun for spectators as well! Here are the rules from the American Cornhole Association (that's right- its that popular).

Consider printing some cards with the rules listed in case any guests need a guide. In my experience, people love these games. Add some nice weather and a cool beverage and it makes for the perfect leisurely afternoon.

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