Monday, August 30, 2010


My Aunt recently reminded me that no one will think about my wedding as much as me. She's been to 50+ weddings in the last ten years and she can barely remember anything specific about them. She can't remember any weddings that disappointed or wowed. She can't remember the flowers, favors or what food was served, if any.

She can remember watching the couple get married and the joy of being with them. After our conversation, I started asking around and reading about wedding memories and it's true, most people can't remember details about their own wedding, let alone other weddings. Even a last minute problem that might seem catastrophic is completely forgettable.

Before these conversations, I was stressing about stretching our budget to cover a fancier meal but this little reminder-- that no one cares as much as you and probably no one will remember the details-- has helped me calm down. I'll do what I can and not worry about it. No one's going to care and no one is coming to the wedding for the meal. They're coming to see us get married and that's probably all they'll remember.

Photo by Roger Overall

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  1. That is true for us. I can recall our vows with perfect clarity, and will still tear up a little remembering it. Second place is our family and friends. Everything else I would have forgotten completely if it wasn't for photos.

    Sean kept me on track when I was in the middle of bridal panic by reminding me of the usual things that make a good party: a meal (it could be home-cooked for all your guests will care), good music and a place to dance, a bar. People are easy to please when they are at an event as joyful as a wedding. Happy couple + the 3 party basics = super fun reception.