Friday, August 6, 2010

DIY wedding photos.

Photoshop is the newest development in my life. I've downloaded a free trial version of the most basic package (for sale at $69) to see if I like it and with the plan to touch-up my own wedding photos. And...I've become a little obsessed. You can add people to photos, give people a tan, cover blemishes, do just about anything with color and you can even make the subjects up to 4% thinner! Will they be as good as a professional photographer's? Probably not, but they will be good.

If you haven't looked into photographers yet, prepare yourself. It's expensive. They start at $1800 and the most popular photographer in my area charges $8600. They're brilliant photographers so they're probably worth that much but sadly, only the wealthy can have their brilliant photos. If you're paying $8600 for photography, how much is the rest of your wedding budget?!

I think I'm going to have a talented friend shoot our day. She's never done a wedding but she has a creative eye, a good camera, and a lot of great photos in her portfolio. I'm confident that she'd do a great job. I'm also going to ask a few other family and friends to take photos for us at the reception. I'd love to capture the fun on film. Then I would photoshop the best ones myself. I'm taking the month to play with photoshop and think this over before committing but this seems like the best option for us.

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