Sunday, August 15, 2010

Menswear Inspiration

Photo By Sarah Cramer via Snippet and Ink

Should the groom wear a suit or a tux? Initially, I thought a suit was ideal because he'd get to keep it after, it's potentially less expensive for the groomsmen (assuming they already own a black suit), and it's easy (and fun) to match their ties. But is the suit too informal? After some investigating, I've found that a  good quality, well tailored suit can look very sharp. 

It's important to consider the Bride's dress style. Even the nicest suit will look silly next to a Bride in an Austrian ball gown. The bottom-line is that the Groom should be wearing something that fits with what the Bride is wearing. If your dress is simple then a suit should be just fine, otherwise a tux is probably a the safer bet.  

The informal suit looks great too, as long as it matches the Bride and wedding style.

Just when I start liking the idea of a nice tailored suit, this pops into my mind:

And I'm back to the tuxedo. It's one of the few opportunities to wear such a fine type of clothing. And notably, most menswear stores will give the groom a free tuxedo if at least 5 groomsmen are renting from the same store which means a tux could be cheaper for the Groom.

What guy doesn't look smashing in a tux?

This tweed three piece suit is a fun alternative for the more old-fashioned wedding:
Photo by Gia Canali via Snippet and Ink

Finally, if you're on the fence, here's a helpful guide- Menswear 101.

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