Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for a sweet simple centerpiece

Mason Jars. They're super cheap. You can collect them at yard sales, stores like Big Lots, on eBay or, if you're from a small mid-western town like I am, from just about every women in the town. You can dress them up with ribbon or twine or you can wrap them in a pretty patterned paper or wall paper. Just hot glue the flaps closed and voila- cute vase. Covering them is nice if you're not looking for country charm. For a more modern wedding theme maybe cover them in chalkboard paper. 

Add a few big blooms like roses or hydrangeas, or wildflowers for something more informal, and your centerpieces are finished.

Mason Jar inspiration board by Dave and Jen

They're also great for holding candles or even twinkle lights if you need more lighting.

Photo by Paloma Images

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