Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Reception Site

I'm so excited because we decided on a reception site! We'll be hosting our reception at our former company. It's a restored Georgian mansion on about 22 acres and overlooking a reservoir. It's a good deal for us because its FREE!

We will be paying for a large white tent, tables, chairs, etc. so it's not exactly cheap but we can swing it thanks to no venue charge and our decision to do our own catering and alcohol. We'll hire people to help on the big day but paying our own staff is still hundreds less than paying catering staff.

I'm very happy because the property is beautiful and it will enable us to have a lovely garden party style reception! We'll have dancing and lawn games for our guests.

More photos:

Where we'll set up the tent. The dance floor will be the patio. 

22 acres of pretty property like this. 

View from the back (where the tent will be). 

The drive up to the building. The property was once called Tall Oaks.

A view of the reservoir from the front. 

The front. 


  1. Free! what a deal. And its really charming! Fun stuff..

  2. this is perfect! I am so glad you're doing that! I always thought it would be ideal.