Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I'm wondering about...

#1 Do I really need to assign seats at the reception? It seems like a lot of work when people seem capable of picking their own seats. It does add a certain formality to the event which I can't decide if that's desirable or not. 

#2 Is a guest book necessary? I thought no. But will I regret not having one? I could do something fun with it rather than the traditional book but again, is it really important?

                                                        My dream invitations from Cheree Berry paper

#3 Will people think it's rude if I don't include an RSVP card? Etiquette says its rude to send one but everyone sends them now. I suspect that by todays standards, its rude not to include one. Furthermore, I suspect that, if people don't receive a card, they won't RSVP. 

#4 Date, Food, and Venue decisions still need to be settled. AH!


  1. #3: I don't like sending one, but I also can't imagine the pain in the butt it would be to track down all your RSVPs, so I'd include them. Some of the chicest most polite people I know included rsvp cards. One alternative a friend is doing, though, is to have people rsvp by email. So there is just a little slip of paper in the invitation that says "please rsvp by June 20 2010 to"

  2. You could also set up a rsvp page on your website, and direct people there. I'm actually much more likely to rsvp online then remembering to return the rsvp card.